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By submitting this form you agree to the following rules and regulations.

1. he Maximum Occupancy limit for the Facility is 150 persons at any one time. The occupancy limit for the Meeting Room is 60 persons and the occupancy limit for the Equipment Bay is 90 persons.

2. HIS IS A NON-SMOKING FACILITY; NO SMOKING IS PERMITTED INSIDE THE BUILDING OR IN THE RESTROOMS. There are receptacles outside the front door for ashes and cigarette butts. No cigarette butts are to be thrown on the ground outside of the building.

3. $50 Security Deposit is due upon signing the rental agreement. This will hold the date for your event. Cancellation of rental must be made no later than TWO (2) weeks prior to the date of the event. All fees are due prior to the date of the event.

4. aturday rentals: The Building is available Friday nights to decorate and set up between the hours of 7:00 pm and 10:00 pm. The time specified for set-up on Friday evening is a maximum of two hours. For other rentals, the Rental Agent will specify the maximum time. All set-up time as well as rental time must be agreed upon by both parties in advance and included within the Rental Agreement.

5. he Rental Agent must be notified one week prior to the scheduled date of the proposed room set-up and any supplemental information pertinent to the rental. Any items being used, not belonging to the NCRR, which will be used during the rental, must be approved in advance by the Rental Agent. Care must be taken to not damage the flooring by sliding or dropping tables or other heavy objects.

6. he Rental Agent will specify the method of installation of any decorations or other materials, which will require attachment to the ceiling or walls. Ladders can be made available upon request. No tape may be used to apply decorations to the wall or ceiling.

7. t is the responsibility of the Tenant to maintain a clean appearance throughout the social hall. All spills must be cleaned up immediately. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the Tenant to turn off all lights, and close all doors leading to the exterior.

8. An ice machine is available for your use. The ice scoop on mounted on the wall next to the ice unit should be used to remove ice from the machine – no hands or other objects should be placed in the ice. NO ITEMS (BOTTLES, CANS, JARS, ETC.) ARE TO BE PLACED IN THE ICE MACHINE. THIS WILL CAUSE CONTAMINATION OF THE ICE AND THE ENTIRE MACHINE MUST BE EMPTIED AND SANITIZED. THE SECURITY DEPOSIT WILL BE FORFEITED IF THIS SHOULD OCCUR.

9. t is understood that access to the Building is limited to the area specified in this Agreement. Under no circumstances are any guests permitted in the other areas in or around the Building.

10. Electric service is limited to 120 volts without exception. Any electrical usage must be approved in advance. Any appliances not the property of the NCRR must be approved in advance.

11. Parking in reserved spaces is prohibited. Handicapped parking is available but limited to those persons possessing either a handicapped license plate or placard. Care should be taken to only park in designated parking areas. NO parking is permitted beyond the painted striped lines and in front of any bay doors. This is an Emergency Service Organization and any accesses for emergency equipment must remain open.

12. All doors must remain closed. No modifications or changes to locks or other security devices will be permitted.

13. The use and consumption of alcohol within the areas addressed by this agreement is strictly the responsibility of the Tenant and not New Cumberland River Rescue. The Tenant shall arrange to have a certified ServSafe Alcohol Bartender to serve all alcoholic beverages on the property.

14. It is understood that the consumption of alcohol by minors as prescribed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is unlawful. The renter is required to ensure that no one under the age of 21 will indulge in drinking alcoholic beverages, of any type, at the function. Disregard for this could cause cancellation of the function at the time of the incident or expulsion of the individual(s) involved.

15. The use of the kitchen facilities is limited to temporary storage of food and beverages including refrigerators, microwave oven, counter tops, and deep sinks for minor clean up. Use of stoves, ovens and deep fryer is forbidden.

16. All damages caused by the Tenant or any member of their party are the sole responsibility of the Tenant. This responsibility shall include the cost of repair or replacement of any materials, equipment, or any part of the facility.

17. The security deposit will be returned in a timely manner. The Tenant or their authorized representative is strongly encouraged to carefully inspect the Building at the conclusion of the rental period to ensure the proper condition of the building and all equipment.

18. All personal property of the Tenant must be removed at the end of the rental. Exceptions to this rule will require advance approval from the Rental Agent. Any items left behind will become the property of the New Cumberland River Rescue and are subject to disposal.

19. The Tenant agrees to return the hall to NCRR in the same manner as it was received. In addition, all trash must be removed from the building and placed in the green dumpsters outside.

20. By submitting this Rental Agreement, the Tenant agrees to use and occupy the Building in accordance with all police, fire, and sanitary regulations imposed by any municipal, state, or federal authority, and will observe and obey the laws, ordinances and other requirements governing the use of the Building.

21. You agree that we have the right to reclaim or otherwise use the areas included in the Rental Agreement in the event that we are engaged in emergency operations and, in our judgment, the use of that area is essential to carry out and meet our responsibilities as New Cumberland River Rescue. If this becomes necessary, we will make every effort to provide you or your authorized representative as much notice as possible and to keep the disruption of your rental at a minimum. If this becomes necessary, we agree to renegotiate your rental fee.

All applicable Rules and Regulations are established for the mutual benefit of you as the Tenant and the New Cumberland River Rescue as the Landlord. Noncompliance may result in some or all your security deposit not being returned. In addition, serious instances of noncompliance may result in you and your guests being asked to leave the premises. Should this become necessary, there will be no refund of rental fee.

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