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New Cumberland River Rescue

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Your continued support is necessary to the survival of our organization and greatly appreciated

We need your help to continue our service to the community. This can be done in various ways by donating what you can afford, renting our newly renovated facility, attending our fundraising activities throughout the year or volunteering your time.

Costs that we incur for insurance, maintenance and upkeep of equipment, fuel for equipment, and building utilities continue.

Our volunteers are proud to serve the community by having the Halloween Parade in New Cumberland, providing training for local water rescue departments, scouts and residents on safe boating and survival methods, and responding to emergency situations. Your financial assistance is sincerely appreciated to help us continue, maintain and improve the quality of service we provide to the area.

As always, funding is necessary to provide our service to the residents of New Cumberland and surrounding communities. We will continue to look for ways to reduce our operating costs and increase services to our community. We need your contribution to survive.

Please support NCRR today!

Support NCRR

Help us help you! We rely on your support to keep our staff and equipment readily available.